We are a brewery again. Beers will pour Friday at 5pm.

As we finish kegging up our last beer for the Friday launch, I though it was time to touch base with everyone about what to expect at launch and the weeks ahead.

  • We are launching to the public on Friday, October 27th at 5pm.
  • We will be be launching with 5 beers
    • West Side Park – A West Coast IPA that is nice and dry. This clocked in a little higher than we expected (it’s at 7.91% ABV) because my recipe planned for less efficiency than we actually achieved on the new system. That has since been dialed in tighter and while we will brew some big beers, I want to have several beers in the 4 – 6% range. This IPA is basically 2-row barley with an ambitious hop schedule made up of Columbus, Centennial, Amarillo and Citra.
    • Sabbatical – An oatmeal stout with a great mouthfeel. Some nice chocolate malts with flaked oats. Legacy hops. 5.27% ABV.
    • My Lawyer Made Me Brew It – My friend and lawyer Sheila Woodward likes Kolsch and Helles style beers. We made a Kolsch that she’s going to like. Pilsner malt with Crystal hops. 4.61% ABV.
    • My Lawyer Made Me Brew It Raspberry – We took the Kolsch and split off one barrel and added real raspberry. This one will pour pink and it’ll bring some subtle tartness.
    • Meridian SMASH Amber – Our SMASH (single malt and single hop) amber is German Light Munich along with Yankton Challenger Hops. It’s a beauty. Maybe a little lighter in color than we were expecting? 5.29% ABV.
  • The Copper Room will have all of the beers on tap except for the Raspberry version of My Lawyer Made Me Brew It.
  • You will be able to buy flights with 5oz pours of 4 beers.
  • Counterfeit Curbside will have their food truck out in front of the bar at 4:30pm on Friday!
  • We will not be leading tours into the basement at this time, but that will change in mid-November. Right now I’m trying to keep my weekends a little more open due to some family health issues.
  • We will be making up several 32oz Crowlers that will be ready to go in the cooler. Feel free to stock up and share with your friends.
  • Our next beers are being planned right now. We are looking at a Challenger IPA, a winter warmer, and an ESB in the very near future.

That’s it for now. Let’s have a fun weekend!

– Ben